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Structural Change Promoting Gender Equality in Research Organisations

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Towards gender equality in scientific research

A conference on gender equality in science helps tackle one of the EU's greatest challenges. It emphasises the significance of including women researchers in the arena of competitive economics based on scientific achievements.

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Promoting gender equality is a main goal for research institutions across the EU. This was reflected in the Lithuanian Presidency conference titled Structural changes promoting gender equality in research organisations. The conference aimed at enhancing effective dialogue and knowledge sharing between academia, research institutions, funding agencies, researchers, policymakers and society. At the heart of this conference's organisation was the EU-funded 'Structural change promoting gender equality in research organisations' (SAPGERIC) project. Three closely related aspects made up the conference: political, institutional and scientific. As such, different areas of activity were covered accordingly, each with its own tasks and challenges. Stakeholders from 34 European countries participated in the conference, which aimed to provide a platform for them to share and learn best practices. Other conference aims included providing input for European strategy and sustainability and reflecting on how stakeholders can collaborate internally. Both content and technical issues were part of the conference and constituted part of the project's results. This included developed documents that include recommendations for furthering implementation on structural change through promoting gender equality. Communication of activities and dissemination also took place. The measures undertaken to implement structural changes for promoting gender equality in research institutions will serve as an important part of their modernisation process. In turn, this can help to the establishment of gender equality in research organisations.


Gender equality, science, women researchers, research organisations, structural change

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8 October 2019