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MAS DE NADA: Modeling and Advanced Software Development for Electrical Networks in Aeronautical Domain Analysis

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Testing electrical networks of future aircraft

A new stand-alone tool is offering a way to optimise and test electrical architectures for all-electric aircraft.

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In aircraft of the future, electricity will be a major medium of managing aircraft energy. This means that on-board power generation and the interaction between subsystems in the electrical network will increase. An electrical network analysis model (ENAM) representing the electrical test rig will help validate air vehicle system architectures with respect to electrical network quality. The project MAS DE NADA (MAS DE NADA: Modeling and advanced software development for electrical networks in aeronautical domain analysis) successfully used such a model to perform short-term transient analysis (including the interaction between sources and loads and between subsystems). Simulations were performed in Saber (a software platform for modelling and simulating physical systems), enabling full-system virtual prototyping. Researchers successfully developed a user-friendly software stand-alone tool that interfaces with the Saber model, performing the required tests. Existing software tools could not successfully interact with ENAMs. The level of ENAM modelling is at behavioural level, including power quality and stability analysis, failure mode and selectivity analysis, as well as power and weight behaviour. Equipment suppliers provided models of electrical interfaces of equipment and subsystems. These were composed to successfully develop the Saber ENAM. MAS DE NADA software uses specific AIM language scripts for implementing the post-processing functionalities (power quality, fault tree analysis and industrial stability analysis). The tests were performed on a ground electrical test bench – the Copper Bird – that comprised electrical and electronic technologies for power generation, distribution and users' consumption. Together, the software tool and system simulations on Saber are ensuring accurate prediction of electrical behaviour of future aircraft, ensuring optimised performance and higher reliability.


Electrical, electrical networks, aircraft, power generation, software, Saber

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24 January 2023