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Transfering Implementing Monitoring Equality

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Towards a gender-diverse scientific workforce

A best practice approach can help increase participation and career advancement of women researchers.

Industrial Technologies

Women have progressed in areas of research over the years, yet there is still much work to be done to ensure equal participation of the genders. The EU-funded GENDERTIME (Transferring implementing monitoring equality) is a project working toward this advancement. Participating institutions vary greatly in terms of their size, discipline and history. This is intentional and aimed at creating a synergy among the seven European partners. Activities include recruitment, retention, promotion policies and support of work-life balance. Best systemic approaches are being identified and realistic action plans are being set in order to effectively transfer knowledge and exchange experiences on gender awareness management. Work to date includes translation of dissemination material, maintenance of the project portal, an internal workshop and an overview of research literature. Results have been disseminated at conferences, in roundtable meetings and through press releases. The work will contribute to transforming institutional practices and culture in research across Europe. This can help to implement change and enhance gender diversity and equal opportunities for women and men in research.


Women, research, equality, gender diversity, equal opportunities

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