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CB1-18 Chatbot tool for automatic job interview

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New innovative technology is transforming the recruitment process

EU-funded project CB1-18 is changing the way recruitment and selection is carried out by making the process almost entirely automated.

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With today’s highly competitive job market, new vacancies are known to attract high volumes of applications. Unfortunately, not all of them can be analysed due to time restraints and costs. Because of this, those involved in the recruitment process are often left with no choice but to exclude a significant number of applications by unintentionally resorting to discriminatory criteria. The need for change To help solve this, the project CB1-18 has developed Chatbot, a computer program made up of several software packages that is able to conduct a job interview automatically via auditory video and textual methods. It can gather all the information recruiters are unable to collect due to time constraints. Gabriele Molteni, CEO and Founder of Arca24 and project coordinator outlines: “CB1-18 is a tool that can radically change the recruiting workflow, by making almost the entire selection process automated.” With this software, all curricula vitarum (CVs) will be automatically analysed instead of the 5 % that are currently being considered in the market. Competences and skills will also be certified in accordance with European standards. Further, as Molteni explains: “The employability of those qualified people who find it difficult to access the labour market will be fostered.” Additionally, employers will be able to access applicants’ transversal skills within the EU without any geographic limitation. Economic and social impact “By drastically cutting the time of data collection, which typically represents 85 % of the entire selection process, recruiters can focus on the final evaluation of 100 % of the candidates,” explains Molteni. A time reduction consequently means a cost reduction, whereby the process is made even more efficient with no skills and expertise loss. Furthermore, as CVs are analysed in the same way, possible discriminations or subjective evaluations are eliminated. This paves the way for fair competition as candidates all have the same starting point in the evaluation process regardless of their status. What is also special about Chatbot is that candidates can apply for jobs in their native language, surpassing both language and cultural barriers, and avoiding any discriminatory criterion. What is the future of CB1-18? Public surveys have helped the project gain invaluable feedback from potential customers who have confirmed their interest in Chatbot. They have “perceived it as the concrete answer to the problems they have to face in their selection processes,” outlines Molteni. Therefore, the next stages of CB1-18 will be about product and technological developments. Technological tools will be improved and optimised to provide clients with the best product available on the market. In addition, “we are preparing a proper commercialisation plan as well as a set of 360 degree communication and marketing strategies to maximise the visibility of the product on the market,” explains Molteni. The project, along with marketing and communication strategies, is building relationships with some of the most well-known human resources (HR) associations and communities. By participating in HR trade shows and events, they are also widening the dissemination of CB1-18. “Considering that the technologies we develop are already available in seven languages, we are planning specific actions to become a key international player in the HR field,” adds Molteni.


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