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Development of educational programmes and training initiatives related to hydrogen technologies and fuel cells in Europe

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Building a strong hydrogen economy by investing in human capital

Hydrogen and its use in fuel cells (FCs) is a potential source of emission-free electricity. EU-funded scientists paved the way to focused educational programmes to provide the required trained personnel for future development in this field.

Industrial Technologies

The EU-funded project HYPROFESSIONALS was initiated to fill the need for certificate and degree programmes in hydrogen FC technology. This should ensure that hydrogen FC technology achieves its potential through adequate training and education of technical personnel, research institutes, businesses, governments and the public. Researchers mapped existing training programmes, materials and funding sources in the EU. While extensive research and development exists, it was revealed that education focused on hydrogen FC technology was lacking. The team developed a number of online courses and individual educational modules targeted at various educational levels that were used in pilot teaching sessions. The project website includes links to some of these for educators and students in addition to a database of European courses and programmes of study. Two project workshops were conducted to publicise the topic and the project to all stakeholders. HYPROFESSIONALS made an important contribution to future hydrogen FC technology by laying the foundations for education of technical and scientific personnel. Focused programmes and pilot training sessions should pave the way for more widespread expansion of suitable educational opportunities throughout the EU. Moreover, valuable input from industry and support of government and other authorities should aid in identifying and filling the gaps in educational and training needs.

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