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EUR 90,5 million
To improve output and productivity, taking into account the wide variety of coal deposits, to improve the upgrading and utilization of the products and by-products of coal mining, and to improve the working environment, safety and environmental protection.


Pursuant to Article 55 of the Treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), the Commission is required to promote technical and economic research relating to the production and increased use of coal. Community financial assistance has been granted to this end since 1958 and medium-term guidelines have been laid down periodically since 1967. The funds for this aid are derived from levies imposed on the production of coal and steel as provided for in Article 49 of the ECSC Treaty. Between 1958 and 1980 the total amount of financial assistance granted for technical coal research was about 160 million European units of account, representing about 60% of the total cost of the projects which were supported.

The fourth medium-term guidelines for technical coal research (Official Journal No C 94 of 17.4.1980) were worked out in collaboration with the Coal Research Committee composed of representatives of coal producers, coal research institutes, universities and trade unions in the Community. Their purpose was to facilitate the selection of projects, to coordinate and harmonize the research work, and to orient efforts towards concrete results.

It should be noted that pilot and demonstration projects in the field of liquefaction and gasification of solid fuels were financed separately from technical coal research projects within the framework of the EEC energy demonstration programme, under the terms of Council Regulation 1302/78.


- Mining engineering:
. Development work in coal and stone:
Shot firing, boom rippers, full- face heading machines, organization in roadway drivages, new techniques for breaking rock, shaft sinking, large hole boring;
. Methane studies, ventilation control and mine climate;
. Rock pressure and supports;
. Methods of working and techniques of coal getting:
Better utilization of deposits, coal-winning techniques in high output faces, face-ends;
. Outbye operations underground:
Conveying of products, material transport, man-riding, shaft conveying, maintenance, energy saving;
. Modern management techniques:
Reconnaissance of deposits, remote control, monitoring and automation, planning and management of operations;

- Product beneficiation:
. Mechanical coal preparation and coal transport;
. Coking of coal;
. Combustion of coal and new techniques for coal utilization;
. Coal chemistry and physics and development of processes.


Financial assistance for individual research projects was granted by the Commission with the assent of the Council after consultation with the ECSC Consultative Committee made up of representatives of the coal and steel industry from each Member State. As a general rule the Commission contributed approximately 60% of the estimated total cost of financing the projects. All enterprises, research institutes and individuals wishing to engage in research relating to the fields outlined in the 1981-1985 medium-term guidelines for technical coal research were eligible to apply. Applications were to be submitted before 1 September each year to be effective in the following year. The procedures to be followed in applying, the terms and conditions of aid as well as the obligations relating to the dissemination of research results were set forth in Commission communications (Official Journal No C 139 of 12.11.1974 and Official Journal No C 159 of 24.6.1982).


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