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Semantic-driven cooperative vehicle infrastructure systems for advanced e-safety applications


The main aim of the COVER project is to foster the creation of the next generation intelligent cooperative systems that will make road transport more efficient and effective, safer and more environmentally friendly. COVER, by integrating semantic technologies, intelligent agents, in-car and infrastructure sensor data, multi-channel communication technologies and context-aware and multimodal (voice/graphics) interfaces, will provide user-friendly, cost-effective, interoperable semantic-driven cooperative systems able to gain unprecedented road transport efficiency as well as implement advanced eSafety applications.

Within the COVER cooperative system application scenario the role of contexts will be central: not only COVER will be able to ensure communication in and between vehicle and infrastructure so as to feed ADAS and Traffic Management systems, but, by exploiting the benefits of an ontology-based approach which allows context knowledge to be shared among different entities and reasoning about contexts, it will provide the needed abstraction from sensor data, to detect dangerous situations in order to trigger proper eSafety actions based on curvature radius or automatic road sign recognition, help drivers facing critical driving situation resulting from road topography, geometry, use status and conditions, speed adaptation, etc.

The project main focus will be on the cooperation between the infrastructure and vehicles in order to support or enable the driver and/or the vehicle to perform a certain traffic related actions. In particular, the project will be engaged in the development of applications such as intelligent speed adaptation, including static, temporary and dynamic speed limits, advanced cruise-assist highway systems that uses sensors to detect dangers that drivers and on-board sensors are unable to detect, truck platooning, i.e. the coordination of traffic management systems and trucks in order to safety and efficiently manage queues, congestions etc.

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