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Lifecycle Support for Networked Ontologies

Descrizione del progetto

Semantic-based knowledge systems
An open source environment for collaborative ontology development

The growing availability of information has shifted the focus from closed, relatively data-poor applications, to mechanisms and applications for searching, integrating and making use of the vast amounts of information that are now available. Ontologies provide the semantic underpinning enabling intelligent access, integration, sharing and use of data and indeed this technology has now become so strategic to companies, that the Gartner market research firm now ranks taxonomies/ontologies third in their list of the top 10 technologies for 2005.As ontologies are produced in larger numbers and exhibit greater complexity and scale, we now have an opportunity to build a new generation of complex systems, which can make the most of the unprecedented availability of both large volumes of data and large, reusable semantic resources. These systems will provide new functionalities in the emerging semantic web, in the automation of business to business relationships, and also in company intranets. At the same time, we face a challenge: current methodologies and technologies, inherited from the days of closed, data-poor systems, are simply not adequate to support the whole application development lifecycle for this new class of semantic applications. The aim of NeOn is to create the first ever service-oriented, open infrastructure, and associated methodology, to support the development life-cycle of such a new generation of semantic applications, with the overall goal of extending the state of the art with economically viable solutions. These applications will rely on a network of contextualized ontologies, exhibiting local but not necessarily global consistency.NeOn will be tested across two different sectors ¿ pharmaceuticals and agriculture/fisheries, whose realistic and large-volume data sets are not manageable using today¿s technology.NeOn will be disseminated through business and research events, with special emphasis on building up user communities.

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