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An Intelligent Interactive Services Environment for Assisted Living at Home



The goal of the INHOME project is to provide the means for improving the quality of life of elderly people at home, by developing generic technologies for managing their domestic ambient environment, comprised of white goods, entertainment equipment and home automation systems with the aim to increase their autonomy and safety. Contrary to the practises followed up to now, the INHOME project focuses on the problem of appliances flexible use by discriminating between experienced and inexperienced rather than enabled or disabled users. By adopting this radically different standpoint the project is posed to set out a generic set of appliance design guidelines targeting the intensification of home appliances use and user dependency. In accordance with this concept, the INHOME project aims at furnishing its offerings through the establishment of the four-tier architecture. The bottom line technology is offered by the ESTIA project (IST-FP6-4-27191), which focuses on the design and development of technologies for efficient personalised management of audiovisual content and white goods functions, locally within the home. INHOME will utilise ESTIA architecture in order to design and develop a set of services for aged people, which will be delivered in the form of the following showcases with the aim to enhance their autonomy and safety at home: ·Activity Monitoring ·Home Environment Simple Management ·Tasks scheduling ·Flexible AV streams handling ·Household appliances flexible access The consortium includes four Europe-wide leaders in telecommunications, IT and household appliances systems manufacturing (ALCATEL, THALES, SIEMENS, GORENJE), three SME systems development companies (TELETEL, THOSS, VMWS) with significant know-how in communication protocols and services in the telecommunications and healthcare sectors, a University (University of Aegean) and a User Group (Health Centre of Vyronas) specialised in the provision of medical services to elderly people at home.

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