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Connected – Autonomous – Vehicles Orchestrated with Intelligent Decisions

Project description

5G paves the way for safer, connected autonomous vehicles

The role of connected vehicles in the transportation system is paving the way to improved road safety. Wireless communication is increasing the potential of autonomous vehicles on issues such as collision avoidance and coordination. However, most advanced methods take for granted the wireless link, neglecting the communication commitment and the processing latency. The EU-funded C-AVOID project will build a realistic structure based on the new generation of cellular networks (5G). It presents a proven potential for transportation systems due to low end-to-end latency and edge computational capabilities of the Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) platform. This structure enables local databases where typical driver manoeuvres can be modelled through machine learning for collision avoidance, as well as a platform that can host algorithms coordinating autonomous vehicles, respecting strict quality of service requirements.

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Avenue Panepistimiou 2109 Aglantzi
1678 Nicosia

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