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Global Science Communication and Perception

Risultati finali

D6.3 Training Workshops Final Report

A final report on the implementation of the workshop including enduser feedback and internal evaluation results Nature M24

D2.1 Systematic Literature Review

A systematic literature review of global science communication Trinity M12

D7.3 Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation Final Report

Communication Dissemination and Exploitation Final Report Ecsite M24

D2.2 Academic Discipline Assessment

A comparative analysis of higher education science communication courses around the world Trinity M3

D3.1 GlobalSCAPE Network Map

A map of the network including the organisations and individuals involved public consultation sites countriesregions giving a geographically diverse comparison of the field of science communication SciDev M6

D7.1 Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation Plan

Communication Dissemination and Exploitation Plan Ecsite M3

D8.3 GlobalSCAPE White Paper

A final project report that combines the project findings to provide science communication policy recommendations Trinity M24

D5.1 Academic Gap Analysis

A report highlighting the needs for modern globallyapplicable science communication teaching ULeiden M6

D7.2 GlobalSCAPE Advisory Board

A final list detailing the interdisciplinary stakeholders endusers and citizens represented and the Advisory Boards Ecsite M6

D5.2 Science Communication Module

A module descriptor and resources for an evidencebased Science Communication module to help embed science communication teaching in academic practice ULeiden M20

D6.2 GlobalSCAPE Mobility Scheme

An overview of the mobility scheme selection process assessment criteria and application review panel Ecsite M18

D3.3 End-user Feedback

A final report collating feedback received from the science communication professionals in the GlobalSCAPE Network throughout the project SciDev M24

D6.1 GlobalSCAPE Training Workshop Schedule

A plan for the regions countries and host organisations involved in the delivery of the GlobalSCAPE Training Workshops Nature M12

D8.2 Ethical Implications Report

A report on the most important ethical considerations that need to be taken into account Trinity M6

D5.3 GlobalSCAPE Training Workshop

A workshop format and resources to help increase knowledge about science communication at international EU and member state levels ULeiden M19

D2.3 Review of Existing Structures

Deliverable 13 Review of Existing Structures A catalogue of incentive and disincentive structures professional development opportunities and best practices Trinity M6

D4.2 Diary Study and Public Consultation Results

A final report on results of the research analysis Qualia M24

D8.1 Data Management Plan

A plan for data generation gathering curation and preservation that meets best practice open access requirements Trinity M1


Taking Stock and Re-Examining the Role of Science Communication

Autori: Roche, J., Arias, R., Bell, L., Boscolo, M., Fornetti, A., Knutas, A., Kupper, F., Magalhães, J., Mannino, I., Mendoza, I., Moreno-Castro, C., Murphy, K., Pridmore, J., Smyth, F., Tola, E., Tulin, M., Weitkamp, E., & Wolff, A.
Pubblicato in: Frontiers in Environmental Science, Numero Volume 9 Dec 2021, 2021, Pagina/e 1-5, ISSN 2296-665X
Editore: Frontiers
DOI: 10.3389/fenvs.2021.734081

Developing and testing the GlobalSCAPE science communicator diary survey: methodological pilot research findings to improve a repeated-measures survey design

Autori: Eric A. Jensen, Aaron M. Jensen, Sarah Noles, Axel Pfleger
Pubblicato in: Open Research Europe, 2022, Pagina/e 2-18, ISSN 2732-5121
Editore: Directorate-General for DG RTD
DOI: 10.12688/openreseurope.14246.1

How to Support Academic Writing for Museum Professionals

Autori: Roche, J., Barber, G. L., Batlle, M., Bell, L., Hulm, E. M., Lynch, E., Martin, I., McDwyer, E., McLoone, F., Mu, M., Neenan, E. E., & Ryan, C.
Pubblicato in: Museum International, Numero 74 (1-2), 2022, Pagina/e 158-161, ISSN 1350-0775
Editore: Blackwell Science
DOI: 10.1080/13500775.2022.2157575

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