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Alternative Quality and Authenticity Methods for Sugar and Confectionery Industry

Project description

Improving the performance of the European confectionery industry

Despite comprising 35 % of the global market, the European confectionery industry is currently in need of tools to enhance its competitiveness. The EU-funded SuChAQuality project focuses on developing an international and cross-sectoral network of organisations able to ensure higher authenticity and quality in the confectionery industry. The project aims to upgrade the quality of research and innovation in Europe, encouraging cooperation among the sugar value chain actors. Bringing together a group of academic and industry partners, the project will produce advanced analysis techniques, affordable and sustainable solutions for non-academic participants, reliable and efficient quality control methods as well as new skills for the participating researchers.


SuChAQuality aims to form an international and cross-sectoral network of organizations having expertise and skills in different areas to develop novel analytical methodologies to tackle the authenticity and quality problems of sugar and confectionery industries. SuChAQuality will enhance the quality of R&I in Europe, promoting cooperation along the ‘Sugar’ Value Chain actors. This will be achieved through advanced international, intersectoral, cooperation between 7 academic and 5 industry partners who have in-depth knowledge of food science, chemistry, physics, design, production, biotechnology, statistics, mathematics and engineering. The participants of the network will exchange skills and knowledge which will allow them to progress towards making key advances in new food analysis techniques, while strengthening the collaborative research between different countries and sectors. Advances in quality and authenticity methods that will be developed within the scope of the project will bring affordable and convenient solutions for non-academic participants which will help to protect the quality and authenticity of their products thus reducing their waste. In turn, this will bring both cost savings to the consumers of such products and ensure that society as a whole benefit from a stable supply of authentic and good quality products. The staff members who participate in the project will develop new skills, be exposed to new research environments and have their career perspectives widened. SuChAQuality will focus on the quality and authenticity problems of sugar and confectionery sectors which are closely related and feeding each other. In SuChAQuality quick; reliable; affordable and efficient quality control methods will be developed to replace the current traditional methods that have been used in these industries.

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