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Air Mobility Urban - Large Experimental Demonstrations

Project description

Sustainable and secure urban air mobility

The urban air mobility (UAM) sector is increasing and requires a secure and structured environment that allows sustainability and interoperability within the U-space structure. As UAM solutions will revolutionise freight, emergency, security and mobility services, operators, regulators, traffic management, end users, the public and the airborne industry need to collaborate. The EU-funded AMU-LED project will design and deliver a comprehensive concept of operations and definition of urban air missions and verify and validate this concept through simulations and a vast real-flight demonstration campaign. The project will allow UAM stakeholders to determine several use cases applicable to logistics and urban transport of passengers and to design or integrate a UAM environment, test airborne platforms, and assess security, sustainability and societal impact.


The revolution of Urban Air Mobility encompasses new concepts of operations, business cases, applicable regulations, and stakeholders and end users. This new business sector needs to be secured, invented, refined, structured and industrialized while staying sustainable and interoperable within the U-space framework.
U-space and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) are topics where a fast increase in research, innovation and real use implementation is previewed in this project, where SESAR is highly interested to foster and facilitate the development of avant-garde solutions in UAM.
In the near future, safe, secure, green and acceptable UAM solutions will bring seamless freight, emergency, security and mobility services. Operators, Regulators, Traffic Management, End Users, Public and Airborne industry must collaborate to ensure UAM vehicle airworthiness and viable operations.
The consortium is composed of all relevant stakeholders:
• Aerospace Research Institutes
• Aerospace Universities
• UAS and eVTOLs (Air Taxis)
• Aviation and air traffic management engineering and consultancy
• Aviation data management
• Air Navigation Service Providers
• Airport Authorities
• U-Space Service Providers
• UAS operators
• Ground Infrastructure Providers (vertiports…)
• Mobile Communication Service Providers
• Advisory Board: National Civil Aviation Authorities, City Councils and Regional Governments, European bodies
The study proposes to design and deliver a detailed concept of operations and definition of urban air missions followed by simulations and a large real flight demonstration campaign to verify and validate the concepts. Our project will allow UAM stakeholders to specify various Use cases applicable to logistics and urban transport of passengers, to design or integrate UAM environment, to test the UAS ground and airborne platforms and finally, to assess safety, security, sustainability and public acceptance.
The flight demonstrations will accumulate more than 100 hours and flights.


Net EU contribution
€ 86 111,91
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28050 Madrid

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Activity type
Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
Other funding
€ 36 905,10

Participants (18)