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Shifting school meals and schools into a new paradigm by addressing public health and territorial, social and environmental resilience


Project website online

A SchoolFood4Change website presents the project, convey key info about the project’s systemic innovations, and provide regular updates and access to latest developments, results and materials, including all public project deliverables. (sub-task 6.1.3)

Project logo, brand guidelines and visual guidelines

Under sub-task 6.1.2., WWF Sweden produces a visual identity, logo, brand guidelines and visual guidelines, reflecting the goals of SchoolFood4Change and which is visually appealing for the project’s key target groups and reinforces and harmonises the identity of the overall project and outputs of all WPs. The visual identity is developed in close cooperation with ICLEI Europe and is approved by all partners.

Film clip highlighting the goals and activities of the project

A short clip is produced to introduce the project, its goals and activities with the aim to reach a broad public, promote the project, address the target groups and to be used in trainings, webinars, as intro in events etc.

City specific Market engagement/dialogue reports

At least one market engagement dialogue is conducted in each demo city with the aim of exploring and identifying potential new processes, challenges and solutions, contractual arrangements for the provision of healthier and more sustainable meals and to ensure systemic and integrated solutions (task 5.5).

Social media plan (adapted quarterly)

Two primary social media channels for the project are selected together with partners and a social media plan as well as a quarterly adaptation of this plan are provided for these 2 channels.

Replication Group ToR

Under sub-task 6.2.1, a terms of reference (ToR) is established for participation in the Replication Group. This specifies both the privileges, which Replication Cities receive as part of the Group, as well as the expected level of commitment from the cities. Replication Cities is required to commit to replicating at least one concrete action or a cluster of actions of the three pillars of SchoolFood4Change (WSFA, planetary health diet & cooking, innovative food procurement: WPs 3,4 and 5) in their own city/schools. To provide a meaningful level of exchange maximum of 20 cities are included in the Group.

Practice Abstracts - Framework of the WSFA standard

This deliverable contains Framework of the WSFA standard practice abstracts Beta version of the WSFA Standard is available in M6 and serves as the reference for the implementations plans in the demo cities and schools see milestone 31The resulting innovative knowledge from this project will feed into the EIPAGRI The agricultural European Innovation Partnership website for broad dissemination to practitioners Enduser material will be produced in the form of a number of summaries for practitioners in the EIP common format practice abstracts Theproject details will also be submitted to the platform with the first deliverable submission A full package of practice abstracts will be produced by the project containing all the outcomesrecommendations which are ready for practiceA practice abstract is a short summary of around 10001500 characters word count no spaces which describes the main informationrecommendationpractice that can serve the endusers in their daily practice Guidance and templates for these practice abstracts are available on the EIPAGRI web site httpeceuropaeueipagricultureencontenteipagricommonformat A total target number of 2 practice abstracts is foreseen for the projectDue date is M24 however a first draft will be presented at M18

Data Management Plan

formulation of a Data Management Plan (DMP), which is a key element of good data management. It describes the data management life cycle for the data to be collected, processed and/or generated by your project, following the FAIR principle (i.e. making research data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable).


School Food Systems

Autoren: Manuel Franco and Marta Fajó-Pascual
Veröffentlicht in: Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition (Fourth Edition), 2023, Seite(n) 341-349, ISBN 978-0-323-90816-0
Herausgeber: Elsevier, Academic Press
DOI: 10.1016/b978-0-12-821848-8.00146-3

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