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SPREADing the global potential of developing innovation ecosystems to strengthen INNOvation in regional and local businesses


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Innovation ist Europas Antwort auf die Krise in den Bereichen Klima, Energie und Ernährungssicherheit. Die Positionierung Europas an der Spitze einer neuen Welle technologieintensiver Innovationen und Start-ups genießt höchste Priorität. In diesem Zusammenhang wird das EU-finanzierte Projekt SPREAD2INNO verschiedene Innovationsbeteiligte zusammenbringen, die Innovationszentren, Beschleuniger, Innovationsunternehmen, Forschungsorganisationen, Beratungsunternehmen und Netzwerke umfassen. Diese Beteiligten werden aus sechs wichtigen europäischen Innovationsregionen stammen: Belgien, Bulgarien, Deutschland, Griechenland, Italien und Österreich. Das übergeordnete Ziel ist die Umsetzung skalierbarer, replizierbarer und ganzheitlicher Programme für die Bereitstellung hochwertiger Unternehmensdienstleistungen.


SPREAD2INNO brings together different innovation stakeholders – incubators, accelerators, innovation businesses, research organizations, consultancies and networks – from crucial European innovation regions: Germany, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy. The goal is implementing scalable, replicable and holistic 2 year program for the provision of high quality business services, and collaboration between different entities of well-connected and less connected regional innovation ecosystems, with immediate impacts on the local and EU level.

In order to create a sustainable and replicable model easily adopted by the rest of EU, the consortium will implement a set of activities for enhancing capacity and competitiveness of both business acceleration entities and SMEs and start-ups, particularly:

- 6 local events that will provide insight of networking and exploring opportunities across Europe that relate to scaling-up of businesses, along with training courses aimed at improving business and marketing case of businesses, including roundtables for acceleration entities for educational and practical exchange and cross-contamination;
- An online platform as a single point of reference for information exchange between different innovation ecosystems about opportunities, events and funding accessible in these regions;
- 2 intensive educational/training Academies as well as tailor-made feasibility studies for participants;
- A one-week business case and investor training for finalists (at least 50% woman-led businesses) delivered through collaboration of developed and less developed innovation ecosystem entities.

The SPREAD2INNO unique and interdisciplinary methodology will enhance business activities in less developed innovation regions, reinforce their acceleration capacity and enable entrepreneurs to scale their concept to a fully concrete solution with strong market potential, subsequently enhancing the development and competitiveness of these regions.



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