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SEcuring doMestic PRoduction of cost-Effective BIOmethane


Neue Lösungen zur kosteneffizienten Biomethanproduktion

Die Europäische Kommission hat im März 2022 die Produktion von 35 Milliarden Kubikmetern Biomethan in der EU bis 2030 zum Ziel erklärt. Heute produziert die EU 3 Milliarden Kubikmeter Biomethan. Somit erfordern Ausweitungspläne die Mobilisierung nachhaltiger Biomasse-Rohstoffe. In diesem Sinne wird das EU-finanzierte Projekt SEMPRE-BIO neuartige und kosteneffiziente Lösungen und Verfahren für die Biomethanproduktion entwickeln. Konkret wird es drei europäische Biomethan-Innovationssysteme mit Sitz in Adinkerke (Belgien), Baix Llobregat (Spanien) und Bourges (Frankreich) einrichten, die repräsentativ für die verschiedenen Ausgangssituationen der Biomethanproduktion in Europa sind. Das Projekt wird ein Verfahren entwickeln, mit dem mehr Innovationswillige und Unternehmen in die Lage versetzt werden, Biomethan schneller in größerem Maßstab und kostengünstiger herzustellen.


SEMPRE-BIO aims to demonstrate novel and cost-effective biomethane production solutions and pathways, deemed essential to achieve the European Green Deal and climate and energy targets for 2030 and the net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and to increase the market up-take of biomethane related technologies.
To that extent, SEMPRE-BIO will set up three European Biomethane Innovation Ecosystems (EBIEs), based in Baix Llobregat (ES), Bourges (FR) and Adinkerke (BE), which are representative of the different baseline situations for biomethane production across Europe
Those initial EBIEs will facilitate long-term replication, by creating an active flow of information and resources for ideas to transform into reality. Through the EBIEs, SEMPRE-BIO will build a process by which more innovators and entrepreneurs will be able develop and launch solutions to solve problems related to the larger-scale and cheaper production of biomethane, faster. This process will create new technical expertise, helping to diversify the technology portfolio, and will allows businesses to better know their potential customers. Additionally, EBIEs will provide the means to create economic stability and resource sharing.
The value of EBIEs lies in the access to resources for the start-ups and the flow of information for the ecosystem’s stakeholders. This information flow will create more future investment opportunities for the right institutions to connect with the right ideas for their businesses and portfolios, at the right time, for the right reasons.
Overall, the challenge is to decrease investment and operational costs, to optimize feedstock supply, use, identify alternative feedstock as well as reduce their costs, to improve plant efficiency and operations, to factor in the carbon savings and to increase and monetize co-benefits, such as from the commercialization of the digestate or the valorization of residual gas streams.



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