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Next generation data-driven reference European models and methods towards silent and green aircraft operations around airports

Project description

Next generation models and methods for aircraft pollutants and noise estimation

Air transport is a crucial part of modern logistics and transportation, yet it is necessary to reduce the sector's emissions and environmental damage, and introduce green innovations. The EU is trying to collect reliable and precise data on predicted aircraft emissions, whether noise or pollutants, to create improved policies. The EU-funded NEEDED project will provide next generation data-driven reference models and methods to properly deduce current and future aircraft emissions. To achieve this, the project will use real-world ADS-B data to enhance aircraft operations reconstruction and to improve the estimations of the aircraft emissions and the number of people affected by local air transport operations.


NEEDED responds to the second and third bullets of the “expected outcome” of the HORIZON-CL5-2022-D5-01-12 topic, delivering the next generation data-driven reference European models and methods to estimate present and future aircraft emissions (pollutants and noise), achieving TRL 4 at the end of the project. To do so, NEEDED will advance the state of the art by:

• improving the accuracy of the reconstruction of aircraft operations by using real-world ADS-B data,
• advancing emission inventories for current and future aircraft technologies, while delivering more accurate pollution dispersion models,
• extending the applicability of the ECAC Doc 29 noise model towards future aircraft technologies,
• performing more accurate estimation of the number of people affected by local air transport operations by using dynamic population maps.

These activities are complemented by (i) local air quality (LAQ) and experimental noise measurements performed at Rotterdam Airport, (ii) validation of the NEEDED toolchain in a 30-week pilot study involving three airports, and (iii) delivery of a methodology to optimise the flight patterns for minimum detrimental impact on the population in present and future scenarios. The project aims to function as a technology enabler, laying the methodological groundwork for facilitating the entry into service of transformative aircraft technologies while capitalising on the potential of ADS-B data. NEEDED ensures its impact on the next generation of Air Traffic Management (ATM) regulation and policies through the direct involvement of EUROCONTROL.


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