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Bound to accelerate the roll-out and expansion of Energy Communities and empower consumers as fully-fledged energy market players


Wie die Bürgerinnen und Bürger den Energiemarkt mitgestalten

Die Europäische Kommission hat die Konzepte der Erneuerbare-Energie-Gemeinschaft und der Bürgerenergiegemeinschaft eingeführt. Auf diese Weise fördert sie eine aktivere Rolle der EU-Bürgerinnen und Bürger auf den Energiemärkten. Jedoch gilt es noch etliche Hindernisse zu beseitigen. In diesem Zusammenhang wird das EU-finanzierte Projekt COMMUNITAS das bürgerschaftliche Engagement im Energiebereich fördern und die Menschen in die Lage versetzen, den Weg zur Nachhaltigkeit selbst in die Hand zu nehmen, indem sie die Energiemärkte aktiv mitgestalten. Zu diesem Zweck wird das Projekt eine Wissensbasis bereitstellen, die den Nutzenden technische, administrative und rechtliche Informationen über Energiegemeinschaften sowie Instrumente bereitstellt, mit deren Hilfe sich die Bürgerinnen und Bürger an verschiedenen Energiemärkten beteiligen können.


With its “Clean Energy for all Europeans” package (CEP), the European Commission formally recognised and instrumentally brought forward community energy projects, including definitions for “Renewable Energy Communities” (RECs) and for “Citizen Energy Communities” (CECs). The new concepts introduced in the CEP set the course for a more active role of EU citizens in the energy markets. To fully concretize the benefits envisioned by the CEP, a myriad of barriers needs to be overcome and progress needs to be done to clarify and streamline the concepts of REC and CEC, enabling its uptake by all interested citizens.
Motivated by that challenge, COMMUNITAS will promote energy citizenship, enabling citizens to take control of their own path towards sustainability by becoming an active element of the energy markets. The project will deliver a Knowledge Base that will provide users with technical, administrative, and legal information on ECs, streamlining the creation and expansion of this concept. COMMUNITAS will also deliver an innovative set of tools - capitalizing on technologies such as IoT, Blockchain and Cloud Computing - to unlock citizens’ active participation in energy markets and communities (all integrated into an open, digital “one-stop-shop” COMMUNITAS Core Platform (CCP)), allowing EC members to have an aggregated position in the energy markets or explore ancillary services using different energy assets or load profiles of the community.
As a project that aims to position citizens in the centre of energy markets, COMMUNITAS has citizens at the centre of its own approach: citizens will be involved in Social and Policy Labs throughout the whole project, in order to frequently factor in their feedback, wishes, needs into the core developments of the project.


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