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Development of Nanotechnology-based High-performance Opaque & Transparent Insulation Systems for Energy-efficient Buildings


NANOINSULATE will develop durable, robust, cost-effective opaque and transparent vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) incorporating new nanotechnology-based core materials (nanofoams, aerogels, aerogel composites) and high-barrier films that are up to four times more energy efficient than current solutions. These new systems will provide product lifetimes in excess of 50 years suitable for a variety of new-build and retrofit building applications.

Initial building simulations based on the anticipated final properties of the VIPs indicate reductions in heating demand of up to 74% and CO2 emissions of up to 46% for Madrid, Spain and up to 61% and 55% respectively for Stuttgart, Germany for a building renovation which reduces the U-value of the walls and roof from 2.0 W m-2 K-1 to 0.2 W m-2 K-1. This reduction could be achieved with NANOINSULATE products that are only 25 mm thick, giving a cost-effective renovation without the need of changing all the reveals and ledges. Similarly, significant reductions in U-values of transparent VIPs (3 W m-2 K-1 to 0.5 W m-2 K-1) are shown by substituting double glazed units in existing building stock. Six industrial & four research based partners from seven EU countries will come together to engineer novel solutions capable of being mass produced.

Target final manufacturing costs for insulation board (production rates above 5 million m2/year) are less than €7 m-2 for a U-value of 0.2 W m-2 K-1. NANOINSULATE will demonstrate its developments at construction sites across Europe. A Lifecycle Assessment, together with a safety and service-life costing analysis, will be undertaken to prove economic viability.

NANOINSULATE demonstrates strong relevance to the objectives and expected impacts of both the specific call text of the Public-Private Partnership “Energy-efficient Buildings” topic “New nanotechnology-based high performance insulation systems for energy efficiency” within the 2010 NMP Work Programme and the wider NMP & Energy Thematic Priorities.

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