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PaN-data Europe Strategic Working Group

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Coordination actions, conferences and studies supporting policy development, including international cooperation, for e-Infrastructures

The PaN-data Europe Strategic Working Group (PaN-data Europe) will support the development of a sustainable data infrastructure for European Neutron and Photon laboratories. The existing PaN-data collaboration aims to develop a common data infrastructure for European Neutron and Photon large facilities. The PaN-data Europe Support Action will support the integration of this work with the creation of a fully integrated pan-European e-infrastructure supporting all scientific communities.PaN-data Europe brings together eleven large multidisciplinary Research Infrastructures. The consortium operates hundreds of instruments used by over 30,000 scientists each year. They support fields as varied as physics, chemistry, biology, material sciences, energy technology, environmental science, medical technology and cultural heritage. Applications are numerous, e.g. crystallography reveals the structures of viruses and proteins important for the development of new drugs; neutron scattering identifies stresses within engineering components such as turbine blades, and tomography can image microscopic details of the 3D-structure of the brain. Industrial applications include pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals and microelectronics.This Support Action focuses on 5 standardisation activities:1. development of a common data policy framework2. agreement on protocols for shared user information exchange3. definition of standards for common scientific data formats4. strategy for the interoperation of data analysis software enabling the most appropriate software to be used independently of where the data is collected, and5. integration and cross-linking of research outputs completing the lifecycle of research, linking all information underpinning publications, and supporting the long-term preservation of the research outputs.The Pan-data partners are: STFC (UK), ESRF (Int), ILL (Int), Diamond (UK), PSI (CH), DESY (DE), ELETTRA (IT), Soleil (FR), ALBA (ES), HZB (DE), LLB (FR).

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CSA - Coordination and support action


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