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Sensor for Convective and Radiative Heat Loss


In the context of the CORA - project the measurement instrumentation and detectability of heat transitions separately for convection and radiation of small surface areas will be examined. In preliminary tests the expected heat flows will be detected in as exactly as possible. On this basis a miniature sensor will be developed.
Here the heat transfer will be determined by commercial Peltier modules and additionally the exact ambient temperature by means of a PT100 sensor. The sensor signals are evaluated through control electronics which will be developed in parallel – which are interfacing with the PC besides. Over a PC program necessary calibration procedures and the transfer of measurement data can be accomplished.
A small surface sensor, which measures energy transport through a surface element, can be utilized in a variety of possible fields of application. For example, by arranging several sensors in a matrix shape, hotspots can be identified and if necessary, eliminated by making constructional modifications. In this way, it is possible to use larger areas for the cooling of components and to purely passively dissipate the resulting heat.
A particular advantage arises from the bi-directional properties of the sensor, not only can the heat dissipation at a particular point be measured, but also the heat absorption from the environment.

As starting date we prefer the first of September 2010 as we have reserved (scheduled) personnel resources from then on.

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