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Intrinsic Catalytic Kinetics Analyzed and Reconciled with Industrial Conditions


"Catalytic propane dehydrogenation is the most important alternative route to propylene, the world’s second largest petrochemical commodity. We will study this reaction over novel bimetallic Pt-Ga catalysts which demonstrate improved resistance to coking. Specific research objectives of the project are: 1) perform a comprehensive investigation of propane dehydrogenation over the Pt-Ga catalysts, including the main catalytic cycle, side-reactions, and deactivation pathways, 2) determine how gallium doping and its method of introduction to platinum control catalytic properties, and 3) formulate and validate a microkinetic model suitable for describing the propane dehydrogenation reaction over the Pt-Ga catalysts under realistic operating conditions. We will employ advanced experimental techniques of transient kinetics and operando spectroscopies to study intrinsic reaction kinetics over a wide pressure range, linking detailed molecular mechanisms elucidated at low pressure to catalyst performance at industrially relevant atmospheric pressure. The project will include development of an extended Temporal Analysis of Products (exTAP) methodology for a systematic kinetic characterization of both technical and model catalysts which will have a broad scientific impact by providing a general strategy for bridging the 'pressure gap' in catalytic research."

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