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Function, Mechanism, and Regulation of Mammalian Mov10L1 RNA Helicase

Final Report Summary - CHAMP RNA HELICASE (Function, Mechanism, and Regulation of Mammalian Mov10L1 RNA Helicase)

The goal of this research is to decipher the molecular mechanism of mammalian putative RNA helicase MOV10L1 and its isoform MOV10L1-core (CHAMP), unwinding reaction and its structure-function relationship. How specific and nonspecific RNA substrates activate CHAMP, as a molecular motor, will reveal its role in RNA remodeling and therefore its function in RNA metabolism in the cell. In turn, this will reveal how MOV10L1 may regulate genes essential for the heart development during prenatal and postnatal stages.
Currently this project has enabled us to develop state of the art tools and to pave the way to a new research field with very wide perspective. The impact this will have has on the lab future is very strong as our focus will now be mainly on these human RNA helicases. Therefore, this grant has really been in my opinion a breakthrough to achieve such independency and to grow into something with strong funding and publication potential.
The work and conclusions that emerges from this project will provide the basis for a major project in this field. This funding has substantially impacted the future direction of future research. Furthermore, it is now because of the bench mark we have reached, we are now expanding this project into a much greater extent and two new PhD students are being hired.
As the principle investigator of this project, this enable the well integration within the faculty and hosting institute. Moreover, specifically this integration grant has enable be to formulate a strong basis for my research group.
Furthermore, during the course of the grant award a PhD student has completed his training directly linked to this project. The manuscript which is a results of her PhD is now under review. We have presented the outcome of this research work on several scientific meetings very successfully.