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From cellular senescence and cell death to cancer and ageing


Age is the most important demographic risk factor for many life-threatening human cancers. About two-thirds of all diagnosed cancers occur in people over the age of 65. Since tumours include cancer cells with an extensive proliferative history, subject to senescence and senescence-avoidance mechanisms, cancer researchers commonly study various aspects of biological ageing. However, many cancer specialists, clinicians, and industry representatives remain unaware of what ageing research can offer for cancer prevention and therapy. Presently the research fields of biological ageing and cancer in Europe remain largely fragmented, without structured links or widespread interdisciplinary approaches. Therefore, the main goal of the planned 2 1/2-day, 300-participant conference is to improve the awareness of ageing research among cancer researchers and stimulate cooperation aimed at redefining molecular targets and improving cancer prevention and therapeutics in the ageing population. The conference will provide a forum for scientific exchange among outstanding European scientists working in the fields of ageing and cancer. The discussion will focus around such issues as: DNA damage, telomeres and telomerase in cancer and ageing, effects of tissue environment in tumour formation, impact of the ageing immune system on cancer immunosurveillance and immunotherapy, links between stem cells and cancer and ageing, links between tumour suppression and cellular senescence, and cellular senescence as a new target in anticancer therapy. The conference will also bring together other key stakeholder groups such as policy makers, clinicians and industry. The proposed event will contribute to attracting scientists from cancer research and other disciplines to ageing research. It will help establish sustainable organizational links between these two closely related scientific fields, structuring Europe an research in oncogerontology.

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