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School science teaching by project orientation - Improving the transition to University and Labour Market for boys and girls


The interest of young people for science and technology is weak for an industrially and scientifically oriented country as Europe. A Consortium of - academic staff (all of them natural and technical scientists from an existing international network, that is engaged in didactical questions together for a longer time already) - governmental actors - schools of different types - industry representatives proposes a project that links the demand for science and technologies in industry and econ-omy via the universities to schools.

In order to achieve this goal the following objectives will be followed:
- An analysis is done to understand and compare the strengths and weaknesses of school science teaching practices and methods across six different countries in Europe. Special efforts are made to analyze the role of women in this field.
- On the basis of this analysis a pilot project with project oriented teaching is launched to demonstrate a teaching method with high motivation of young people, especially women, for sciences. The cultural influences will be taken into account.

The basic ideas how to proceed conceptually come from Fechner and Mach (Psycho-physik, sensationalism) and their scientific successors. The concept integrates (monism, holistic approach) the view of the surrounding world as constructed by the pupil with new scientific experiences introduced by project based learning. These influences of senses, of thinking and socratic discussion are brought to the pupil to remove antithesises by himself (historical genesis).

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