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Advanced molecular tools for array-based analyses of genomes, transcriptomes, proteomes, and cells


The recording of complete genome sequences provides for the first time opportunities to comprehensively characterize the flow of information from genetic variation at the DNA level, over messages expressed as RNA, and on to their protein products, and to functions of the cell. By eavesdropping on these processes it will be possible to identify genetic variation underlying malignancy, diabetes, and other common diseases, and to monitor and ultimately explain molecular processes involved in these and other important conditions. Recent years have seen rapid growth of techniques for high-throughput analyses of genes, transcripts, proteins, and cells using microarrays, but current methods still capture only a small fraction of the information embodied in the molecules. This project brings together leading European laboratories, and one US lab.

The purpose is to build an infrastructure to develop a next-generation toolbox for large-scale molecular analyses in the following six interrelated analytical modes:
1) parts of whole genomes will be rapidly scanned for any alterations;
2) extensive sets of genetic variants will be traced in large numbers of individuals;
3) patterns of gene expression will be recorded at unprecedented quantitative and sequence resolution;
4) expression and interactions of large sets of proteins will be measured in array formats;
5) novel molecular tools will enable analyses at the ultimate level of single DNA, RNA, or protein molecules;and
6) arrays of viable cells will permit extensive functional analyses to characterise complex processes in high throughput.

The suite of microarray-based technologies developed in the course of this program will be of strategic value throughout biological research and for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Gradually the techniques will also become available in clinical medicine to guide diagnosis and therapy; and in agriculture and environmental monitoring.

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