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Virtual reality and human factors applications for improving safety

Final Report Summary - VIRTHUALIS (Virtual reality and human factors applications for improving safety)

The objective of the VIRTHUALIS project was to generate new technology, by merging Human factors (HF) knowledge and Virtual reality (VR) technologies, so as to develop products that will enable the reduction of hazards in production plant and storage sites by addressing end-users' practical safety issues, such as training control room operators, designing proper alarm systems, training teams to cope with emergencies, assessing the impact of plant modifications on operators' reliability, helping managers to see the impact of their decisions on sharp-end operators' daily work.

The final result of VIRTHUALIS was an integrated VR tool that will assist designers, plant operators, plant managers and safety engineers to carry out safety related tasks. The VIRTHUALIS technology was composed by the SafeVR platform and four specific tools. The consortium intends to greatly use and diffuse the VIRTHUALIS results. For this reason, there are discussions for the establishment of a network, sustainable after the end of VIRTHUALIS project, with the mission to promote new interdisciplinary science-based approaches and solutions to safety, security, environment and health issues initially based on the VIRTHUALIS technology concept and on the European technology platform on industrial safety.