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5G Enablers for Network and System Security and Resilience


5G-ENSURE will define and deliver a 5G Security Architecture, shared and agreed by the various 5G stakeholders. It will specify, develop and release an initial set of useful and usable security enablers for 5G. These enablers will be selected for their relevance in addressing some of the foremost security concerns in order to generate the trust and confidence necessary for 5G to be widely adopted and to deliver its promises through innovative business applications. The 5G-ENSURE project will also initiate a 5G Security testbed vision and initial set-up in which the security enablers will be made available. Moreover, the potential of the developed 5G Security enablers will be showcased and demonstrated in the context of carefully selected 5G security use cases (e.g. use cases related to cybersecurity and aerospace).

Coupled with this, 5G-ENSURE will be closely linked to the overall 5G PPP programme through active participation in common activities and fora. Specifically, 5G-ENSURE will be the project that creates and animates a dedicated 5G PPP Security Working Group to coordinate the various security-related activities.

5G-ENSURE is led by a strong consortium bringing together the appropriate and complementary skills, including standards involvement and deep telco understanding, along with an extensive network of interested parties, and have a proven track-record in coordination. 5G-ENSURE will avail itself of the support of a group of international opinion leaders.

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