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Gaming Horizons

Risultati finali

Interim evaluation report

Interim evaluation report documenting the development of the framework described in task 1.2. This report will examine the project’s positioning as a critical, constructive voice in the broader European R&D context (i.e. its scope and effectiveness as a sister project). In order to produce this deliverable, it will be necessary to draw upon consultations with the Advisory Board, including targeted feedback from AB members in relation to the project’s progress against its initial objectives (M8).

Final research deliverable

fully fledged final research deliverable, jointly produced by all partners. This deliverable is the result of Task 1.8 and will be the basis for additional, peer-reviewed outputs (articles and conference papers) which will be produced beyond project completion as part of the regular scholarly engagement of all three partners. The report will also provide an account of the project’s dissemination activities, including an appendix about the final dissemination event D1.7.

Report on interviews with experts and informants

Report on interviews with experts and informants. The report will provide an evidence-based account of perceptions, barriers/enablers, and decision making dynamics that underpin the gamification and applied games landscape.

Systematic review and methodological framework

Systematic review of latest empirical evidence and methodological framework for a systematic, evidence-based process for multidisciplinary engagement. This deliverable is the joint result of tasks 2.1 and 2.2.

Scenarios for the ‘cultural expansion’ of games

Scenarios’ illustrating how to expand the use of games for socially relevant purposes. The scenarios will offer guidelines and best practice descriptions of a research-based model for SSH, ICT industry and civil society collaboration applicable to the gamification theme but also beyond. These scenarios will be initially posted on the project blog and then collated in the online ‘Manifesto’ (D3.4) At least 16 scenarios will be developed addressing different types of games or gamified interventions. This deliverable is the joint output of Tasks 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 and will be an important output of the project.

Critical analysis of H2020 sources

Critical analysis report of H2020 documentation and previous projects. This deliverable will be the output of task 2.3, i.e. based on the critical analysis of the official H2020 documentation on gamification and game-based learning, including current and previous call texts. Official documents from current and previous projects on gamification (EU and non EU-funded) will also be included in the analysis

Final dissemination event

A final dissemination event in will offer the opportunity to promote the project’s recommendations and alternative frameworks to a targeted audience of policy makers, developers, researchers and educators.

Video library

A video library or collection of edited videos based on filmed activities, including interviews with experts and stakeholders. Videos will be uploaded to a YouTube Channel.

Project Website

Project website hosted by the University of Leeds based on a customised Wordpress site, easily updatable and with enhanced blogging functionality.

Data collection workshops

This deliverable is the output of task 3.2. We will deliver 15 data-collection workshops, five in each of the three participating countries.

Online ‘manifesto’

An online document (a ‘manifesto’) outlining the ‘reformulation’ of gamification as an R&D topic, as well as design criteria, policy recommendations and thought-provoking ideas about the relationship between games, learning and culture, including future directions. This deliverable is the result of Task 3.4 and will be published during the final dissemination event.

Flasgship unconference

Flagship GAMING HORIZONS two-day unconference in Brussels (UnivLeeds, ITD, NHTV). This event will perform the double function of innovative data collection exercise and profile-raising dissemination. During the event data collection sessions and roundtables will take place. These sessions will be recorded and analysed.

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