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Industrial decision-making on complex production technologies supported by simulation-based engineering


Simulation-based engineering (SBE), in which traditional R&D, design and production technologies are complemented with computer simulations, has revolutionized the industrial sector. Computer simulations are critical for control of manufacturing processes, non-destructive-testing and decision-making at production phases, and shorten the lead-time of design and development processes, thus reducing both costs and time-to-market.

The overarching objective of ProTechTion is to harness the full potential of multi-disciplinary SBE technology in industrial environments concerned with complex production processes. To this purpose, ProTechTion will form a multi-disciplinary research and education network that unites relevant disciplines and stakeholders to (i) develop new computational paradigms, (ii) train a generation of ESRs in state-of-the-art SBE technologies and cross-disciplinary skills, and (iii) bridge the knowledge transfer gap in multi-disciplinary SBE.

The main objective of ProTechTion translates into the following research and training objectives:
• To train and empower a generation of ESRs in developing, together with the industrial researchers, innovative solutions for pressing Industrial Problems (IPs). These solutions will be based on industry-driven tailor-made computational simulation tools.
• To position European industry in the vanguard of SBE, and reinforce and consolidate Europe’s worldwide leadership.
• To contribute with original research and innovations in SBE in order to solve multidisciplinary problems with interdisciplinary tools arising from the proposed IPs for fast decision making.
• To cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit of the ESRs and integrate transverse research skills with demonstrators (codes).



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