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Airspace User supporting Demonstrations of Integrated Airport Operations

Project description

A novel mapping tool in the crew's electronic flight bag enhances situational awareness

Improving the situational awareness of flight crews regarding conditions on the ground can have a significant impact on safety, efficiency and the environment. The so-called electronic flight bags have become quite common since the widespread commercialisation of tablets and other smart devices. They can replace many paper-based procedures and forms and can also display a variety of data or perform calculations related to aircraft performance or ground operations. The EU-funded AUDIO project will integrate a 'Connected Moving Map' application showing the traffic situation at the airport and providing a visual of taxi routing information. The technology should help the flight crew better predict departure sequence, enhance awareness of potential safety issues during taxi phase, keep pilots in synch with controllers for smoother collaboration and enhance the efficiency of surface routing to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.


The project AUDIO will coordinate the Airspace User (AU) involvement in the demonstration of innovative airport operations functionalities designed to improve airport operations. It is designed to secure the involvement of additional end-users to perform operational demonstrations to confirm the benefits and increase awareness of
promising solutions targeting specific operational scenarios and environments.
AUDIO is addressing the topic Integrated Airport Operations (SESAR-VLD1-02-2016) which is related to the Very Large Demonstration PJ28 IA (Integrated Airport Operations as part of SESAR2020). In particular AUDIO demonstrates the use of functionalities designed to improve airport operations from an airspace user perspective.
For the On-board taxi functions, on-board surface guidance will be demonstrated on board of aircraft during day to day operations of airlines. Demonstrations will be conducted in a real live environment.
A dedicated dissemination WP is designed to cover the important need of the distribution of results. Coordinated with the dissemination activities of PJ28 a harmonized approach will be taken to make sure the results of the demonstration activities are well communicated within the SESAR as well as the whole ATM community.


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