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Ultra-secure data storage - and long-term preservation of digital and analogue data

Periodic Reporting for period 3 - Piql-GO (Ultra-secure data storage - and long-term preservation of digital and analogue data)

Periodo di rendicontazione: 2020-10-01 al 2021-03-31

Our Piql System is based on technology breakthroughs in converting photosensitive film into a digital, migration-free storage medium from which data can be guaranteed retrieved in the future, but never hacked, manipulated, or deleted. It solves the needs of both end-clients with a focus on guaranteed data authenticity and integrity, and end-clients focusing on keeping data for centuries.
The most commonly used storage technologies were developed primarily to provide cost-efficient storage of short-lived data, and innovations focus on increased data capacity and cost reductions. Securing long-term access to valuable data has proven to be more complicated, due to frequent obsolescence of the storage media, software, hardware, and file formats. Consequently, data migration to newer technological platforms every 3-5 years is common. Migration-based preservation strategies (using magnetic tapes, optical discs, and hard disc drives) are costly, involve a risk of data loss, and do not address the core of the problem; the need for data security and future-proof access. Alternative cloud storage services face high risks related to data security and privacy, as data is stolen, manipulated, and misused (e.g. Hacking/data breach incidents cost UK firms alone €1bn in 2016 , while Norway was hit by more than 22,000 cyber-attacks per Norwegian authorities.). Finally, analogue microfilm storage offers long lifetime expectancy, is migration-free, but the workflow for reproducing/retrieving the data is time-consuming and highly dependent on manual labour (i.e. expensive).

Piql directly addresses the EU objectives to increase data security and develop new tools for managing the ever-increasing amount of data - while reducing end-users’ data storage costs and their CO2 footprint. Our objective is to implement the Piql System and Service across multiple sectors, accelerate an ICT disruptive innovation and create growth and impact for our stakeholders. The amount of digital data is doubling every 2-years. This poses two major concerns, related to data security of sensitive data and related to how we can ensure future access to data with long-term value. If measured over a long period of time, storage savings can amount to 70–80% compared with conventional data storage, which often does not provide adequate and guaranteed data authenticity and integrity. Our data storage solution is environmentally friendly, with an emissions-free data vault, the Arctic World Archive. The climate condition inside the mountain is ideal for storing our piqlFilm, which can be safely stored without electricity for hundreds of years.

Piql-GO’s goal is to upscale, pilot, and commercialise our disruptive and patented Piql System for ultra-secure storage and long-term preservation of digital and analogue data.
• Technology maturation to optimise the functionalities of Piql subsystems and integrate them into an improved, final prototype to be piloted in real-life settings. Our goal is to raise the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of our technology from its current TRL7 to TRL8.
• Piloting and validation objectives to demonstrate the Piql System’s technical and economic performance, functionality, and user benefits through a large-scale piloting in real-life settings
• Commercialisation readiness objectives enabling us to successfully bring the Piql System and Service to the market, and reach sales traction post-project completion.
At Piql, we know about the challenges associated with archiving and digital preservation, and how to manage, digitise, monetise and preserve data for the future. Years of working with different types of archives have given us a very good understanding of challenges associated with archiving and digital preservation. We have established an extremely solid knowledge in this domain. Piql can offer a wide range of services in the secure, long-term data storage domain.
We have matured our technology that writes and reads data on piqlFilm to better service our clients. This includes the development of a smaller piqlReader so that clients can have one on location for fast access to their offline data.
In addition, we have extended and expanded our services to offer more assistance to our clients. This allows us to take a holistic approach to help our clients protect their data regardless of their current situation. We have achieved this through the inclusion of a broad range of plug-in services, including archival management, digitisation and complementary software solutions. In this way, Piql can assist clients to go from a purely analogue archive to a complete, well-constructed digital archive with the most resilient digital preservation technology around.
The Piql system has been tested in real life settings by 24 Twenty-four companies from nine countries which has received training and tested the piqlReader (including Piql partners). Based on feedback from pilot clients the system has been improved and we have developed piqlConnect which is an online platform and a user interface where clients can upload and access data on the cloud using piqlConnect.
Piql System and Service value chain is prepared and optimised to handle our new service offerings and increased sales volumes.
Extensive market research and regulatory monitoring has been conducted across nations, industry verticals and segments. We have identified clients’ needs and validated our general value proposition (i.e. Piql Services) and expanded this into specific value propositions per prioritised industry vertical. We have focused on the following countries; USA, Germany, India, Spain and Brazil. Extensive dissemination, exploitation and communication activities have been conducted, raising awareness and interest for our services.
Piql Services are beyond the state of the art compared to existing data storage solution. Not only do we solved the problem of keeping data alive regardless of technological obsolescence, we have increased the longevity of previous digital preservation benchmarks by hundreds of years.
We have improved the Piql system during the first year of the project according to our plans. Our solution is now verified in the market and we are ready for commercialisation. Due to our learnings from the first part of the Piql-GO project, we have extended our value chain and services. Our market research has shown that a lot of clients needs more than just the storage of their data onto piqlFilm. They need digisation, restoration and assistance with cataloguing and designing a well-functioning digital archive system. Many also need additional support, in change management, software integration, and compliance. We can now offer them a solution for all their challenges.

Our goal is to be the expert on data preservation. The global Piql Partner network collaborates to deliver tailored services to clients. Although localised all over the world, we operate as one united team.

We have already implemented this new service offering and are assisting clients overcome challenges in their journey toward digital preservation.
Working with our partner, SNSK (Norwegian mining company), we have also enhanced the Arctic World Archive to be bigger and more secure, allowing for more contributions from valuable archives around the world.
AWA deposit october 2020
New piqlReader ready for pilot testing
Piql Partner Forum in Germany 2018
AWA UNICEF deposit 2020
PiqlReader Pilot in Bangkok
Carlos Oliveira, Minister Councellor, EU delegation to Brazil attending Piql event at the Embassy