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Ultra-secure data storage - and long-term preservation of digital and analogue data


"The overall objective of Piql-GO is to upscale, pilot, and commercialise our disruptive and migration-free Piql System & Services for ultra-secure and long-term preservation of digital and analogue data, guaranteeing data authenticity and integrity for 500+ years. We have converted photosensitive film into a self-contained and migration free digital preservation medium (‘bits-on-film’), stored as a very high resolution 2D QR-codes, with a longevity of 500+ years, all integrated into a standard IT environment. Piql is the only solution allowing to store both, visual and digital information.

In the Piql-GO Phase 2 project we will address and implement the findings of our SME Phase 1 (GA#674422) to enable rapid and successful commercialisation of our Services. We have outlined a series of specific objectives (grouped in 3 categories) and achieving them will bring us to a wide global market uptake:
1) Technology maturation objectives will optimise Piql System functionalities prior to piloting by end-clients. Objective to raise the TRL of our technology from its current TRL7 to 8 (WP1).
2) Pilot & validation objectives to demonstrate and validate the commercial potential of Piql Services in real-operation environment supervised by 7 potential end-clients (i.e. The Vatican Library & Walt Disney) representing 6 targeted market segments across 6 target countries. The piloting activities will elevate Piql System from TRL8 to 9 (WP2).
3) Market maturation, communication and innovation management objectives enabling us to successfully bring Piql Services to the market and reach sales traction beyond Phase 2 (WP4-6).

Through Piql-GO we will boost our growth - quantified as accrued revenues exceeding €183.9m 5-year post-project with accrued net earn. of more than €122.8m and job creation of at least 90 FTEs at Piql and 245 in our value chain. Finally, we will enable cost savings for end-clients equal to accrued NPV of €1.37bn on 15 years and €3.38bn on 100 years.

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SME-2 - SME instrument phase 2


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