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Assays for the identification of Thyroid Hormone axis-disrupting chemicals: Elaborating Novel Assessment strategies


Risk assessment procedure

Risk assessment procedure

Concept for interaction with other H2020 projects on EDC test method development

Concept for interaction with other H2020 projects on EDC test method development This will detail a series of activities with the other 7 projects funded under this call

Policy briefing no 1 to the European Commission and JRC

Policy briefing no 1 to the European Commission and JRC: These policy briefing will summarise relevant work in ATHENA, together with policy implications

Preliminary plan for exploitation and dissemination

Release of a preliminary plan for exploitation and dissemination

Data on associations of exposure to major EDC subgroups with maternal thyroid function during pregnancy

Provide data on the association of exposure to major EDCs subgroups with maternal thyroid function during pregnancy (month18) (ERASMUS): We will leverage epidemiological studies with information on EDC exposures and T4 levels in pregnancy to provide criteria for test compound selection in the subsequent WP

Reporting templates and project handbook

Reporting templates and project handbook: we will create reporting templates and a project handbook, to be delivered to all partners to ease the reporting on finances and deliverables

Data Management plan

Submission of a first version of a Data Management Plan (DMP) at month 6 of the project. The DMP will be updated over the course of the project whenever significant changes arise, such as (but not limited to): - new data - changes in consortium policies (e.g. new innovation potential, decision to file for a patent) - changes in consortium composition and external factors (e.g. new consortium members joining or old members leaving).

Project website

Project website The site will link to a portal of all projects funded under this call and will detail the work programme and partners in ATHENA


Association of urinary bisphenols and triclosan with thyroid function during early pregnancy

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Testing for thyroid hormone disruptors, a review of non-mammalian in vivo models

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Removing Critical Gaps in Chemical Test Methods by Developing New Assays for the Identification of Thyroid Hormone System-Disrupting Chemicals—The ATHENA Project

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Pesticides With Potential Thyroid Hormone-Disrupting Effects: A Review of Recent Data

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