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Innovative technologies for running longer trains

The successful testing of a 1 500-m-long freight train opened up new opportunities in European freight transport. The technologies developed enabled the lengthening of a train by merging two trains running in the same direction, with the second train locomotive in the middle of the newly formed train. Radio remote control for distributed power, which allows heavier and longer trains to move, is also helping rail freight transport take a greater market share. The EU-funded M2O project aims to develop safety analyses and reliable radio communication solutions for distributed power systems for trains up to 1 500 m long and with up to four traction units.


To achieve the objectives of the European Commission white paper on Transport 2011 aiming at a shift to rail of 30% of road freight over 300km by 2030, rail freight transport market share has to increase strongly. The market requirement are competitiveness, reliability, flexibility, frequency and information. The previous FP7 MARATHON project demonstrators have shown the feasibility of 1500m long coupled heavy trains with distributed power of two locomotives running safely on the French network. Building on FFL4E, M2O intends to extend the possibilities to four locos as distributed power system in collaboration with S2R-IP5-CFM-01-2018 project.
To reach that goal M2O sets up a reliable transfer of data and commands between the locos based on GSM-R technology. The proposed solution is aimed to be compatible with various suppliers of GSM-R and its safety analysed by NIER Ingegneria and assessed by TÜV SÜD. The solution is integrated in the train DPS and the safety of the system is studied to cope with the various operational situations.
Having set the radio communication system the project defines the main possible train consists characteristics in terms of speed, type of wagons, acceptable load and its distribution along the train by using TrainDy simulations to ensure that the consist my run safely. These simulations will be monitored by Nier Ingegneria in terms of safety to ensure that the various hazards have been correctly taken into considerations while performing the simulations and that the adequate mitigations have been elaborated
Jointly with the CFM Partners of S2R-IP5-CFM-01-2018 project the choice will be made of two demonstrators whose safety will be studied and assessed to get the green light of the authorities to perform the tests on the rail network.
The project will disseminate its results widely for a quick market uptake and measure its impact by keeping on its website the record of the number of trains of that type running on the European Networks

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