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Novel Air Distribution Approaches

Project description

Novel ventilation concepts for next-generation turboprop aircraft

Aircraft cooling and ventilation systems add weight and complexity, while also requiring a certain level of maintenance – factors undesirable in terms of saving time and money. They are also responsible for a major part of the ambient cabin noise, which contributes to uncomfortable flight experiences. The EU-funded project NADiA is working on advanced designs, intelligent architectures and cutting-edge materials to generate novel environmental control solutions for next-generation turboprop aircraft. The aim is to reduce weight by 15 %, cut costs by 20 % and noise by 3 dB.


NADiA project will research, develop, design, manufacture and test technologies and solutions aiming at significant improvements of the air distribution system (ADS), using the example of a 90 passenger advanced turboprop aircraft.

The integrated improved cabin ADS is one of the key contributors to the environmental challenge of the ITD Airframe activities in reducing the structural weight by 4% to 6%, the CO2 and NOx, footprint by 3% to 5%, while enhancing passenger comfort by reducing noise and vibration. NADiA will significantly improve the ADS by 15% in weight, 3dB in acoustic and 20% in cost.

Development, manufacturing costs and assembly times will be reduced, and production rates will be increased. To achieve the overall goals, ‘beyond state of the art’ technologies will be developed and verified in dedicated tests up to TRL6.

The key end goal of NADiA will be to fully integrate and test the novel ADS in the cabin demonstrator located at Fraunhofer IBP in Holzkirchen (Topic Manager), as well as to provide support for the Environmental Control System (ECS) testing performed by Fraunhofer IBP.
NADiA consortium applies advanced design principles, innovative system architectures, advanced materials and processes to generate high potential air distribution solutions for next generation turboprop aircraft.

NADiA participants have a longstanding experience in ADS and ECS products. Diehl Aviation Laupheim integrates ADS for all Airbus aircraft programs, including the mixer for the A350. The delivered systems are developed and simulated using CAD and CFD software solutions. Diehl Aviation Gilching developed and manufactures vans and air cooling devices for several Airbus programs.

NADiA total grant request to CS2JU is 1 299 271.25€ for the whole consortium and will be conducted within 48 months. Diehl Aviation Laupheim will complete the CS2 funding by bringing additional internal funding of 200 000€ to deepen the innovation work on materials and technologies.


Net EU contribution
€ 1 090 276,25
88471 Laupheim

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Baden-Württemberg Tübingen Biberach
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
Total cost
€ 1 090 276,25

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