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3D Living Tissues

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - 3DLT (3D Living Tissues)

Periodo di rendicontazione: 2019-02-01 al 2019-07-31

Prometheus markets 3D tissues for regenerative medicine and drug testing. We are developing a 3D Lymph Node (3DLN) as preclinical predictive 3D model to test new immunotherapies against cancer. The proprietary 3D Bioprinter enables us to use human living cells as ink, creating a 3D tissue equal to the human one. The 3DLN is composed by immune and cancer cells and has the same cell composition and functionality of human tissue, covering gaps between preclinical results and human responses to drugs. Pharma companies spends €2,5B to develop a new anticancer drug, undertaking 3 experimental phases: on artificial tissues, on animals and on human. The 96% of drugs overcoming the first 2 steps, fails human trials and forced pharma companies to perform other expensive preclinical tests. The failure is due to the lack of translational models predicting in a reliable way the effect of drugs on human. Our predictive 3DLN will incentive the discovery of new anticancer drugs, reducing the needed investment and decreasing animal testing.
Prometheus made an accurate estimation of market value (EU TAM €1.3B SAM €26M) and estimated its market share in 5 years (€3M). We defined a patent strategy, deciding to patent the extrusion system of our bioprinter and 3DLN formulation. We designed a commercial strategy and the first 5 EU countries of interest (IT, UK, Belgium, France, Germany). We defined a marketing plan (scientific papers, scientific events and online SEO). We understood the regulatory requirements for 3DLN manufacturing and the related investments. We will patent and mark the bioprinter as GMP class A ISO 5 and we will become ISO 9001 for manufacturing. We are negotiating with a skilled partner in automation and GMP facilities that will help us with the industrialization of the bioprinter. We made an accurate revenue forecast and cash flow analysis.
We will go-to-market in 2022, reaching €600k in 2023 with 15 big customers and the BEP in 2024. We are optimizing the bioink formulation, we will industrialize the 3D bioprinter and we will perform testing of comparison between our 3DLN and products now in use. We are negotiating for the financing of the industrialization phase, giving royalties in exchange. After the go-to-market, the overall social impact will be huge, considering the related reduction of drug development cost thanks to a more reliable preclinical model, reducing the failure rate of new immune-therapies and encouraging the research against cancer.
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