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Promoting augmented reality in education

Augmented reality (AR) refers to computer-mediated reality that changes a person’s perception by adding data to the real environment. It’s considered to be a very effective tool for education. The EU-funded ARETE project aims to build a Europe-wide competitive ecosystem that supports fast dissemination of augmented learning content. ARETE will focus on three pilot studies in STEM, English literacy skills and positive behaviour intervention. The human-centred attitude of the project will boost innovation and creativity, making Europe a world leader of AR and virtual reality in education. The ARETE ecosystem concept will sustain innovation and improve the performance of existing products or services.


Augmented Reality (AR) refers to the real-time digital overlay of information over physical elements. ARETE aims to develop, integrate and disseminate interactive technology via AR methods and tools for the creation and inter-connection of existing digital systems and to build a pan-European competitive ecosystem that supports fast dissemination of augmented learning content to a wide audience, while strengthening the research and industrial capacities in Europe to develop future interactive devices and content for education, taking into account accessibility to a broader community. The ARETE project will support the existing European interactive technologies' effort both through the exploitation of opportunities offered by multi-user interactions with AR technologies evaluated in education in both professional and private contexts within three distinct pilot studies (STEM, English literacy skills, Positive Behaviour Intervention). The authoring tools used within ARETE and the provision of access of the AR content developed for the broader community of users within the EU will increase the European innovation capacity in AR. Through systematic application of human-centred design approaches, ARETE will deliver highly usable, useful and desirable AR technologies and contents, leading to a wider uptake and further stimulate their creative usage. Europe is set to become a global leader in VR and AR, with a production value estimated to increase between €15 billion and €34 billion in Europe. The ARETE ecosystem concept is not just sustaining innovation and developing existing technologies with focus on improving the performance of current products or services. ARETE enables disruptive innovation of AR for interactions, access and distribution of AR educational content to be fully realised through the three different pilots and enhance European innovation capacity in the field.

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