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Feasibility Study for INTELEG® S HF – a Wide Pressure Range Process Gas Analysis System

Project description

Radical new process control technology will support optimised thin film deposition

Thin and ultra-thin films are layers of material(s) deposited on a bulk substrate to change or enhance its properties. They range in thickness from one micrometre to fractions of a nanometre, and the market for them is growing in high-tech applications such as semiconductor devices, nanotechnology, optoelectronics and medical and environmental devices. Deposition of these very thin layers is tricky, and it is done with a variety or techniques, many of which are employed in a vacuum chamber. The EU-funded INTELEG S HF project is developing a pioneering gas analysis system for process control in all relevant environments that will take the booming thin film market to new heights.

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Net EU contribution
€ 50 000,00
Laisves G 44
30106 Ignalina

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
Non-EU contribution
€ 21 429,00