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Patients-centered SurvivorShIp care plan after Cancer treatments based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies

Risultati finali

CDSS requirements

Report containing the specific CDSS requirements to comply with the requirements and need defined in WP2. These specifications will also contain the anonymized data sets from EHRs.

State of the art, requirements and personas definition

Report including both the professionals and patients’ needs to reinforce the current best practices and the definition of the different potential users (Personas). It will define the methodology to ensure co-creation practices during the clinical studies. This report will be the starting point to define the project detailed technical specifications and architecture.

Dissemination and communication report year 1 and updated strategy plan for year 2

Yearly reporting on the dissemination activities carried out by partners. Updated Awareness, Communication and Marketing Strategy Plan

Clinical study details

Report containing the clinical study with common goals and the details for each local institution. It will include the informed consents in the different languages.

Identification of best practices in cancer survivors’ follow-up

Report including a full overview of the best practices in cancer survivors’ follow-up around Europe with particular attention to colorectal and breast cancer. The main challenge is to define an integrated pathway for the project execution that will be the starting point to guide and evaluate PERSIST impact on current practices.

Identification of clinical data repositories

Identification of existing commercial or open datasets with clinical data that could be used during the project execution to feed the big data platform and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Awareness, Communication and Marketing Strategy Plan

A report including the strategic communication guidelines defining key target-groups, means, tools, responsible partners and timeline. It will be updated during the entire Project.

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Mednarodni projekt za iskanje pametnih rešitev v podporo bolnikom po zdravljenju raka. Naša bolnišnica

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A New Approach for Dynamic and Risk-Based Data Anonymization

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