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Polymeric Electromagnetic Metamaterials created by flow-induced Structure PRINTing


The increasing miniaturization and integration of numerous components in electronic devices and the booming use of wireless technologies leads to an explosion in the amount of electromagnetic waves and resulting crosstalk. In addition, with the recent 5G mobile network, a major challenge is to enhance the range of the electromagnetic waves, which could be accomplished by suitable wave bending around obstacles. To make these upcoming technologies viable for the future, a novel class of materials is needed. These materials need to fulfil two major requirements namely processability into complex and customized shapes and local interactions with selected electromagnetic waves. The aim of this research is to develop polymeric multi-phasic electromagnetic metamaterials generated by a novel processing method, i.e. flow-induced structure printing. The novel method, featuring a complex static mixer in the nozzle of the printer, will make it possible to create 3-dimensional materials having substructures that are up to 100 times smaller than the dimension of the printer nozzle. By using polymeric materials with conductive and magnetic inclusions, 3D structures will be generated that allow to induce electromagnetic metamaterial responses such as wave bending or complete absorption. To enable these groundbreaking developments in material design and processing, fundamental understanding should be generated on the relations between microstructure and electromagnetic properties in 3D structured materials with conductive and magnetic inclusions combined with their flow-induced structure development. My extensive background in rheology, fluid mechanics, material design and equipment development will allow to tackle the diverse challenges in realizing these unique materials and processing method. The general design strategies and processing method will also enable to generate hierarchical materials for other high-end applications such as interdigitated batteries and solar cells.


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