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BIKE - Biofuels production at low - Iluc risK for European sustainable bioeconomy

Risultati finali

Document describing all criteria and indicators for low ILUC risk biofuel certification

This deliverable consists in a document describing all criteria and indicators for low ILUC risk biofuel certification activity to be carried out during the work package 1

Stakeholder Engagement & Dissemination Plan (SE&DP)

This deliverable contains the project strategy for the Stakeholder Engagement and Dissemination activities with information on target audience messages measures and activities tailored to identified target groups a time plan as well as monitoring and evaluation KPIs It consists also of annexes a database of stakeholders the Visual Identity concept and templates This activity refers to T71 and T72

Overview of biofuels production facilities and technologies in Europe

this report will consist in an overview of knowledge from initiatives like AFF SGAB BIOMAP IEA Bioenergy LSB47 and industrial knowledge and develop a study on biofuels production facilities both in operation and under construction

Report on the design of the sustainability indicator set

Deliverable 41 will be a report describing the instruments the parameters and evaluation methods adopted for the sustainability assessment study in the activity of task 41 and task 42

Mid-term SE&DP with related annexes

This deliverable describes all the activities performed under Stakeholder Engagement and Dissemination accompanied by an assessment of their impact during the first year and half of the project As a result of this an updated plan of initiatives for the second part of the project is provided as well It refers to all tasks T71 T72 T73 and T74

Social media channels and BIKE interactive website operative

This deliverable is about the technical concept and setup of the BIKE website in its preliminary structure together with the launch of dedicated social media channels on Twitter LinkedIn and YouTube It refers to T72

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