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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-04-30

Common instruments for health interview surveys in Europe


The overall objective of the project is to develop and promote the use of common instruments in, and comparable data from, health interview surveys (HIS) in Europe. This requires that, for the selected priority indicators, there be two main objectives:
A. The development of common HIS instruments; and B. the adjustment of existing national data from HIS to allow for international comparison.
The indicators selected are: 1. chronic physical conditions; 2. mental disability; 3. alcohol consumption; 4. physical activity; 5. use of medical services; 6. use of medicines; 7. preventive care; and 8. quality of life.
These indicators are part of the European health for all policy developed by the WHO Regional Office for Europe and of the prospective Health Monitoring and Indicators Programme of the European Commission (DG-V/F).

Brief description
The project will apply cross-national research methods to develop equivalent measurement instruments for different countries in Europe, including numerous non-EU member states. For the two main objectives, two complementary strategies will be used. First, the relevant concept will be explored and clarified with a view to reaching consensus on a common definition and the main dimensions to be measured. These will then be used to identify and select the most appropriate instruments/questions currently used by the countries in their surveys, paying special attention to the more widely used questions. If necessary, completely new instruments/questions may be developed. Translation and other approaches will be used to develop cross-nationally equivalent questions. Second, the field-tested and adopted common instruments will be used as a reference to adjust already available survey data for international comparison, taking into account all the relevant background information, collected and analysed according to objective A, concerning the surveys that generated the data.
Health interview surveys, Cross-national research, Equivalent measurement, Health policy monitoring and evaluation, Comparable health indicators, Public health research, Common instruments.

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