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Centre of Excellence for the Design of Efficient and Safe Aircraft

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Promoting excellence in aerospace research

EU funding is enabling an important Czech aerospace research institute to enhance personnel capabilities, infrastructure and international visibility. Benefits abound for the Institute, the region and EU aerospace research.

Industrial Technologies

The Institute of Aerospace Engineering, Brno University of Technology (IAE-BUT) in the Czech Republic is an experienced research centre with extensive participation in the EU's Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes (FP6 and FP7, respectively). Its latest project, 'Centre of Excellence for the design of efficient and safe aircraft' (CEDESA) , is designed to enhance research capacity and create a Centre of Excellence to help the EU meet its future aircraft needs. CEDESA is providing funding for eight experienced Czech researchers and a research manager. To date, five scientists have been hired and the manager position has been filled. Through twinning with four specialised research organisations, IAE-BUT is exploiting opportunities for know-how and staff exchanges, including six bilateral seminars with partners. IAE-BUT is enhancing its visibility on the global scene by organising and hosting two international conferences. The first took place during the current reporting period. IAE-BUT carries out important experimental and theoretical investigations toward the design of efficient and safe aircraft. Important upgrades in computer equipment and structural testing facilities will facilitate innovation. The team has now added a high-performance cluster computer to enhance the capability for advanced computational fluid dynamics and finite element modelling calculations. These are critical to aerodynamic shape optimisation and structural analyses during loading. In addition, each of the new researchers now has their own personal workstation to enhance productivity. Fatigue actuators and a new data acquisition system have replaced an ageing test kit. Finally, the team has installed state-of-the-art high-resolution, high-accuracy, high-speed optical sensors for materials and component testing called ARAMIS/PONTOS for 3D measurements. Marketability and industrial relevance of developments is an important driver, so scientists carried out a market research study to assess their commercial potential. The project is expected to have important impact on regional economic and social development. CEDESA is making significant progress towards enhancing the research capability and international visibility of IAE-BUT. Outcomes will facilitate integration into the European Research Area and successful participation in FP7 projects, ensuring maximal contribution of Czech experts to the EU's goals for safer and more efficient aircraft.


Aerospace engineering, aerodynamic shape optimisation, structural analyses

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18 January 2023