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DAYUSE: the European game changer that creates a disruptive value-adding exploitation model for Hotels.

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One day, unlimited possibilities

Want to get away for a few hours – to get some quiet work time, enjoy a luxurious spa treatment or simply feel like you are on vacation? helps you save up to 75 % on hotel booking around the world.

Digital Economy

People are travelling more and more for business and pleasure thanks to increasing globalisation and liberalisation of visa regulations in many countries. This, in turn, has encouraged the growth of the global travel accommodations market. Valued at USD 632.8 billion in 2018, it was projected to reach USD 893 billion by 2026 pre-pandemic. Pandemic aside, business has been booming, but you might never know it if you stroll through a hotel lobby midday. Most hotels are empty, yet they are fully operational and all hotel staff is present. At the same time, people are increasingly seeking places to work and rest while traveling, or to just get away from it all in their home cities. DAY USE, founded in 2010 by David Lebée and his two partners Eugénie Lebée and Thibaud D’Agrèves, has created a new market for the hotel industry. Its platform is the first for daytime hotel reservations. EU funding of the DAYUSE project enabled the team to optimise the proprietary platform and scale service, expanding around the globe.

The right tools in the right hands

Standard property management systems (PMSs) handle reservation management and administrative tasks, including rate and occupancy management and payment processing. Iscliff Lebée, DAY USE’s Chief Operating Officer, explains the impetus behind the creation of the company’s proprietary tool: “The standard PMS algorithm equates one room with one night. It was not possible to modify existing PMS applications to equate one room to one night plus one Dayuse, complicating the reservation process for interested hotels. We decided to develop our own software-as-a-service, a cloud-based software tool, to meet our needs.” The Dayuse tool manages all hotel ‘inventory’ – not only hotel rooms, but also infrastructure like swimming pools, meeting rooms and spas – and is provided to all hotels joining the platform. Customer bookings are easy with the company’s app, available on Google Play and the Apple’s App Store. Since its inception, has generated over one million bookings at over 6 000 hotels in 26 countries. Within the EU-funded DAYUSE project alone, the team on-boarded more than 70 % of these hotels.

Treat yourself – it’s never been easier

“In the daytime hotel business, traditionally a niche for couples, DAY USE has created a new market benefitting hotels and customers alike. Service during the day helps hotels boost income up to 10 % and customers get up to 75 % off the nightly rates at high-end hotels. The platform’s popularity has only increased with the pandemic, helping hotels compensate for the significant decrease in travel since 70 % of its consumers utilise hotels close to home,” explains Lebée. The Dayuse hotel business is the first major change in the hotel industry since digitalisation and the advent of and Expedia more than two decades ago. It exploits flexibility, boosting hoteliers’ income while helping customers pay less for a service that is better adapted to their needs and expectations. Whether you are looking for a few hours to work kids-free or want to treat yourself to a luxurious ‘getaway’ close to home, and its huge network of hotels around the world are ready to serve you.


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