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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-29

ASSERT : Automated proof based system and software engineering for real-time applications


The ASSERT main goal is to improve the system and software development process for critical embedded real-time systems, in the Aerospace and Transportation domains by:
- Identifying and developing proven critical system families architecture, using a proof based development process supported by formal notations, component models, and innovative processes and tools.
- Developing associated building blocks that can be composed, tailored and verified in open frameworks that shall be reused and shared by European teams across multi domain projects.

Challenges addressed by ASSERT are:
- System and software design that are mostly based on empirical approaches (design by trial and error approach)
- Poor co-operation between system and software teams.
- Critical Real Time Embedded Systems (RTES) projects too often restarting from scratch and with no anticipation on future needs.

Solutions that ASSERT will develop are:
- Anticipation of future needs by identifying standardised building blocks and producing reference architecture for system families.
- Definition of a new system and software co-engineering approach based on proof obligations at each development step.
- Improvement of the co-operation and communication between system and SW development teams by using a preferred formalisms such as AADL (Avionic Architecture Description Language)
- A set of standardised and customisable building blocks for transportation applications that will be available in open-source and stored in open repositories managed by space and aeronautic authorities.

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