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An integrated modular service for microfluidics


The vision of µBUILDER increase the commercial success and competitiveness of European SMEs by introducing mixed technology devices and sub-systems as key components in their products. In order to achieve this vision µBuilder will develop and provide industry, especially SMEs, but also academic research an easy and cost-efficient access to mixed technology manufacturing, design & engineering services and advanced tools. The focus of the service is on mixed technologies for micro fluidics.

The goal of the µBUILDER is to establish an integrated service, offering:
- Cost efficient access to mixed-technologies based on:
a) silicon/glass technology through multi project fabrication
b) polymer technology
c) various qualified add-on processes, like bio-functionalisation, functional films, hydrophilisation, etc.
- Easy access to qualified microfluidic components and systems through a modular development platform
- A commercial infrastructure for design & engineering services, advanced tools and mixed technology manufacturing through one single customer interface
- Pre-normative standards for the integration of different components and technologies, specified in a master design handbook
- Joint promotion and training activities in order to ensure that the service will be able to reach the whole European market

The µBUILDER project will deliver:
- A technology platform for the realization of mixed silicon, glass and polymer devices and systems
- A master design handbook
- 7 qualified add-on processes to add flexibility and functionality to the standard processes offered
- 2 application oriented demonstrators
- 7 modules for the micro fluidic development platform
- 12 MPW runs completed
- A survey and a roadmap on mixed technology
- 3 Coventor foundry modules/process design kits
- Training modules for the technologies and services offered by the partners
- A basic microfluidic training course developed and approved (MSc level)

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