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Safe, Secure, High Performing Multi-Passanger and Multi-Commercial Uses Affordable EVs


1st dissemination and exploitation report

Partial outcome of T7.1 and T7.2: 1st year report on dissemination and exploitation activities

Vulnerable road user protection

Outcome of Task 24 optimisation of the frontal design of the vehicle to reduce the damage of the vulnerable road users VRUs in the event of an accident

2nd dissemination and exploitation report

Partial outcome of T72 and T72 assessment of the dissemination and exploitation activities at the time of the mid term

Report on the Multi-Moby flexible, agile and lean manufacturing processes

Outcome of task T12 report describing the approach to manufacturing through the IFEVS microfactory concept

Project Guidelines

detailed Project Management Plan with a Gantt chart and a Work Breakdown Structure WBS including project management and project internal procedures

MULTI-MOBY automated vehicle configurations

Outcome of task T13 software modular platform for automated vehicle configuration

Project website and corporate identity

Partial outcome of T71 project website and project visual identity creation

Data Management Plan

Outcome of the T81 planning of the data management wrt to the ORDP guidelines


Towards Brand-Independent Architectures, Components and Systems for Next Generation Electrified Vehicles Optimised for the Infrastructure

Autorzy: Eric Armengaud, Bernhard Brandstätter, Matej Biček, Joze Buh, Aldo Sorniotti, Ahu Ece Hartavi, Christof Schernus, Thomas Geury, Stella Arapoglou, Marius Heydrich, Valentin Ivanov
Opublikowane w: WCX SAE World Congress Experience, 2022, ISSN 0148-7191
Wydawca: SAE International
DOI: 10.4271/2022-01-0918

Predictive anti-jerk and traction control for V2X connected electric vehicles with central motor and open differential

Autorzy: Alessandro Scamarcio, Carmine Caponio, Mario Mihalkov, Petar Georgiev, Javad Ahmadi, Kai Man So, Davide Tavernini, Aldo Sorniotti
Opublikowane w: IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2022, ISSN 0018-9545
Wydawca: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
DOI: 10.1109/tvt.2022.3143497

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