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IP1 Traction TD1– Phase 3 and HVAC TD8

Project description

Innovative rail technologies are gaining traction

Shift2Rail is an ambitious European research and innovation initiative whose mission is to enhance Europe's rail system through focused investment. The end goal is a sustainable, cost-efficient, high-performing digital and competitive transport system that puts the customer first. Within this scope, the aim of the EU-funded PINTA3 project is two-pronged: to advance its traction technologies for a new generation of traction drive equipment to convert electricity from the grid into mechanical energy, and develop heating, ventilation and air conditioning technologies that will eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. The enhancements will facilitate reductions in life cycle costs and increased reliability.


This proposal has been developed as the last phase of the work which will be developed within the Technical Demonstrators Traction (TD1.1) and HVAC (TD1.8) during the implementation of Shift2Rail.
It takes place after PINTA2 and PIVOT-2.
The ultimate goals of TD Traction and TD HVAC are, from one side to bring to the market a new generation of traction drive equipment and, on the other side, to develop Green house gases free HVAC.
The proposal PINTA3 addresses the topic S2R-CFM-IP1-01-2020 Demonstrators for the next generation of traction systems including Silicon Carbide semi-conductor based Tractions systems demonstrations on trains, wheel-motor demonstration on High Speed Train, smart maintenance, virtual validation and eco-friendly Heating, Ventilation Air conditioning and Cooling (HVAC) and research on battery and hydrogen powered regional trains.
This proposal has been developed to tackle the three main challenges related to Traction systems , HVAC and future decarbonised trains highlighted in the Call text: master technology breakthroughs, contributions to the implementation of new methodologies, tools, norms and standards, demonstrate environment friendly HVAC and improve the Shift2Rail Key Performance Indicators like Life Cycle Cost and reliability.
PINTA3 will continue and extend the development of the work, mainly in terms of manufacturing and validation of the prototypes solutions on trains (up to TRL7), which has been initiated within PINTA2 and PIVOT-2.
The same as PINTA2 high quality and experienced project coordination and management with defined roles will ensure the successful timely deliveries.
This proposal addresses the topic S2R-CFM-IP1-01-2020 on Traction and HVAC.

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