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Cellular and Biophysical Approach to Understand the Cytokine-mediated Regulation of the Lysosomal Hydrolytic Capacity

Project description

Pathways for lysosome regulation

Lysosomes, cell organelles containing hydrolytic enzymes, participate in key physiological processes of cells. Lysosome dysfunction is known to be involved at the onset of an ample set of human diseases. Importantly, most of the functions carried out by lysosomes depend on hydrolytic activities within their lumen. Nonetheless, the regulation of lysosome activities and their role in cell fate governance still raise crucial questions. Therefore, a deeper understanding of the signalling pathways governing the regulation of lysosomes could provide new therapeutic tools to treat these diseases. The EU-funded CytoLysoReg project will investigate the molecular and biophysical properties that enable cytokines to regulate lysosomes. The goal is to allow scientists to manipulate lysosomes as an approach to treat lysosomal-related diseases.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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